Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dressing in Vasarely's Vonal Period

Dressing in Vasarely's Vonal Period

Halston Heritage blouse, $500 / Simone Rocha layered black skirt / Yves Saint Laurent ankle booties / Proenza Schouler shoulder bag, $1,565 / Butter London blue nail polish, $38 / JewelMint / Brit Rhythm - Burberry | Sephora

Yes, it's silly, but true. The Mel Brook's film High Anxiety partly inspired this post. It's a hilarious movie (it is Mel Brooks after all) and it has a great optical illusion scene. It was the first one I ever saw. I was about 10 years old and it totally blew my mind. I wanted to see it over and over again, it was fascinating. How could lines and color look like their moving? It just seemed completely strange, but also completely intriguing. And, to top it off, Madeline Kahn in the Louis Vuitton jumpsuit standing next to a Louis Vuitton car is unforgettable (see it here, scroll down a bit).

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