Saturday, October 5, 2013

Interpretations of Vermeer's A Girl Reading a Letter.....

Interior after Vermeer, graphite and colored pencil, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 Vermeer's work is all about the interior. Women working, reading, pouring milk, conversing with others, all in a room. Usually it's the same room over and over, just slight adjustments to each. I did my own, slightly Surreal version in graphite. The light is so important in Vermeer's paintings, so I tried to do something similar. Of course, he painted right there in the very room, setting up the scene. Mine was taken from the imagination.

Abstract Interior, watercolor, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 Since I'm more an abstract artist and I enjoy finding the fundamentals of something, abstracting the interior was an obvious choice. The grid on the window, the yellow bowl, and a strange, kind of difficult composition. I actually asked Gio for advice as to what to do with the upper right corner. He told me to make squares with fireworks in them. So, that's what I did. I think it worked!

Gio's After Vermeer, watercolor, crayon, collage, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 The boys did their own Vermeer interpretation. We studied a few of Vermeer's paintings looking at a slideshow, then we followed this lesson. Gio did his completely on his own. Eamon needed a little help on his, but most of it is his own. The key with doing artwork with children is separating the project into chunks and then limiting the materials. I only allowed 2 different colored markers for the background, 3 colors of crayon for the window, and only blue for the watercolor.

Eamon's After Vermeer, watercolor, crayon, collage, copyright Nina Leung 2013

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