Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Travelling with Uyghur Artist Abdukadir Dilmurat

If the paintings of Abdukadir Dilmurat were a place, they would be...........

Kashgar and Karakul Lake, China!!

The Xinjiang province of Western China is one of the most interesting and incredible places in the world. The culture, the people, the landscape, the history, it's all breathtaking. Visiting Xinjiang was one of the greatest travel experiences I've had. I loved my experience there so much that I still think of the people and the landscape often, the place made that much of an impression on me.

The picture above and two below are of Karakul Lake. The water is crystal clear and reflects the exact blueness of the sky. It's vast and open and has very thin air being so high (approx. 12,000 ft). Yurts line the shores of the lake where Kyrgyz people make a living off herds of yak. I definitely felt like I was living in another time when there.

This man delivers coal in Kashgar. He illustrates the old world culture still present in Kashgar and also the ethnic diversity. One might never believe he's actually Chinese.

This was shot in the old village of Kashgar which is rapidly disappearing. Han Chinese are moving in and destroying the old buildings to make way for new. It's too bad as the old village is so traditional to the Uyghur people and so much prettier!

A vendor in the Kashgar market, the oldest, still running market in the world. It's been going on for over 250 years. As Kashgar is pretty much in the middle of the silk road, it's been an important trading center between West and East for centuries.

Livestock sellers/buyers at the livestock market. Going to this market is not for the faint of heart. Some of things I saw, I wouldn't mind forgetting. Even so, it was a photographers dream.

Bagel making in China? Yes! It's true! And, here's proof! They bake them in a tandoori type oven for only a few minutes. The finished product is below. They were pretty good, if somewhat chewy. I would describe them as more Montreal than New York.

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