Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travelling in Wang Hui's Scroll

Mount Emei in the Sichuan Province of China is one of the Sacred Buddhist Mountains. Many people make pilgrimages here to see the various temples that ascend the mountain. The day I was there, it was quite foggy, but that only added to the beauty. Mount Tai is likely similar in that there is a steep climb from temple and temple and the mountain is rocky and covered in trees and flowers. Wang Hui may have been similarly inspired by this sacred mountain.

It's not possible to write about Emei Shan without mentioning the monkeys. They're Tibetan Macaques and they're pretty scary. They're about the size of a large rottweiler dog and they have sharp teeth. They enjoy stealing food from visitors. They can move like people, and better, only they cannot be reasoned with. I was not too happy walking among them!

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