Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dressing in A Girl Reading a Letter.....

Dressing in A Girl Reading a Letter.....

Dolce & Gabbana short red cocktail dress / Charlotte Olympia ankle booties / ALDO clutch / Bracelet / Vintage enamel brooch, $270 / Brooks Brothers 14k stud earrings / Christian Dior fragrance / JINsoon nail polish

Rich fabrics and textures and a Vermeer color palette: red, green, blue, and gold. The more Vermeer paintings I look at, the more I recognize the same textiles, the same room (of course), and the same objects. He obviously loved these objects and colors. I do wonder if the actual object was this exact color or if he altered it a little bit.

The modern Vermeer woman would wear something like this. It's the same richness of texture and color, just modernized. The film A Girl with a Pearl Earring was a bit of an inspiration as well. The color palette, the costumes,and the atmosphere were all inspiring.

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