Monday, November 4, 2013

Louise Bourgeois's Les Fleurs

Ipad Rendering of Les Fleurs by Louise Bourgeois
Why Louise Bourgeois is so exciting and so personal is because she created work based on memories and diary entries of her childhood traumas. All of those documentations made a life of their own in her work; they became something new and fresh outside of her and held strong symbolic meanings. All of us have memories that have informed us somehow and I think that's why Louise Bourgeois makes work that is so relate-able. Her sculptures and drawings are so raw and real. They have specific gestures that only the artist herself could create. Though we share memories with other's, our own are specific only to ourselves and are likely different than those of other's. That is what is so unique about Louise Bourgeois. She put her own memories in sculpture and on paper and made them recognizable.

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