Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dressing in Louise Bourgeois's Les Fleurs

Dressing in Louise Bourgeois's Les Fleurs

Valentino fuchsia dress / Cropped blazer / Valentino leather pumps / Victoria Beckham red leather handbag / Black jewelry, $32 / MUGLER spray perfume, $70 / Jin Soon nail polish

Louise Bourgeois would likely wear something sophisticated, mysterious, and a little dark, particularly when she was painting like Les Fleurs. The dress reminds me of this sculpture; the organic shape, the undulating lines. And, of course, this all reminds me of film Paris Je T'aime. It features Paris and lots of personal stories told in vignettes. It's all so Louise Bourgeois!

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  1. Wow I'm so impressed by this look, it's perfect.