My greatest enjoyment as a child was visiting my Grandmother Rosemary's house. The entire house was a cabinet of curiosities waiting to be explored. Bookshelves filled with large monographs, fairy
tales from around the world, and illustrated encyclopedias, still lifes on every available surface made up of peculiar objects like a red, wax hand, a glass paperweight with a large spider trapped inside, and gilded frames surrounding pictures of family members long passed. Every object had a story either of it's provenance or a short biography of the original owner. Each time I entered her home, I found something new and my history-loving Grandmother was eager tell it's story. She was an artist and I believe these collections, her morgue, inspired her work. She would fill her mind and later drain it on a canvas or a thick piece of paper.

That house instilled in me a great curiosity inspired by objects, travels, history, and stories. As I've grown up, I have slowly created my own morgue that has inspired me in the same way. Just like my Grandmother Rosemary, I fill my mind and release it on paper.

My hope is that this blog will act as an online journal of my thoughts, inspirations, and creations and be a sort of electronic cabinet of curiosities, much like my Grandmother's house.

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