Friday, November 22, 2013

Children Recreating Uyghur Artist Abdukadir Dilmurat

Eamon all set for some good finger painting inspired by the Uyghur artist, Abdukadir Dilmurat. Dilmurat's paintings are very expressive and use a lot of color. So that was the plan with Eamon, give him a lot of color and let him express. This is a good, easy project for an almost 2 year old with pretty nice results.

We did it in a controlled manner, though. I started by giving him a little red paint and letting him spread it around.

Then I added a little bit of blue, not too much!

Then I added a few more colors, in small amounts and turned the paper so he could reach more areas. I believe the way to make children's art look nice is if they cover a lot of area. I always tell the boys to cover as much white as possible. It works and they enjoy process and are happy with the results as well.

Near the end, I asked Eamon to try using his finger to draw into the paint. He really liked it! I turned the paper so he could use the same technique all over the paper.

The finished product! He was quite happy with it, walking over to it and admiring it as it was drying.

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