Friday, November 8, 2013

Interpretations of Louise Bourgeois's Les Fleurs

Louise's Flowers, ink on watercolor paper, copyright Nina Leung, 2013
 This week was fun! Automatic drawing/ painting is so exciting and can be such a challenge. I had no plan, I just grabbed the material and let go. What a wonderful way to learn to quickly solve problems on the fly. Challenges arise and, with ink, there's no room for correction making it particularly exciting. Painting like this should be a requirement for everyone. It's a great way to relieve stress and concentrate the mind on one thing. Maybe I'll start doing this every day! Thank you, Louise Bourgeois!

Bouquet of Flowers, ink, sanguine powder, and watercolor on watercolor paper, copyright Nina Leung, 2013

Les Fleurs, Again, Slick Sticks by Crayola, copyright Nina Leung, 2013
This last one is done with Slick Sticks, these wonderful, super smooth crayons made by Crayola. I LOVE them! It feels like you're drawing with lipstick, so smooth and thick and brilliant.

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