Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Research: The Fine Details, Garden

After looking at and studying so many gardens, now I want to focus on the finer details, a more close up look at individual plants and flowers. I've always loved botanical illustrations for their minute details and the careful use of pen and ink. Two of the books above, The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration and Cabinet of Natural Curiosities are perfect fodder for that. The Victorians and their love and discovery of the natural sciences has always been of particular interest. A.S Byatt's two novellas, Angels and Insects illustrates that time so well and in such a creepy, wicked way. Her gorgeously written prose is full of great imagery. Naked: Flowers Exposed is a beautiful photography book full of black and white close ups of flowers. 

I have so much to study and research while I create drawings and paintings and maybe even add a little printmaking. 

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