Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Project: Hand Flower Sculptures

Flower sculptures made with hand prints are cute, fun and can actually become toys. My boys loved playing with them. The act of painting is quite fun too, as they get to put their entire hand in paint. I wanted to create a project to go along with the theme of close-ups of flowers and plants so I just super-sized a flower and this is the result. Read on for directions on how to do it with kids.

Step One: Gather materials. You will need tempera paint in green plus a flower petal color such as red, orange, purple, or yellow, white glue, scissors, paper towel tubes, colored puff ball, bristol board, and an inking plate or paper plate. 

Step Two: Pour the paint on the plate and have the child smear their hand in it. 

Step Three: Press hand on bristol board. For young kids, you will need to hold their hand to the paper for them. Let them know that they need to keep their fingers still.

Step Four: Continue printing until you have at least 4 hand prints.

Step Five: Paint paper towel tube green.

Step Six: Allow to dry, then cut the hands out. This should be done by an adult. If you're doing this as a class project, ask for parent volunteers to cut the hands out. 

Step Seven: Glue only on the bottom part of the palm of each hand.

Step Eight: Arrange hands in a fan formation at the end of the tube. Make it a little easier on yourself by flattening one end of the tube before applying the hands.

Step Nine: Glue puff ball to the center of the hand formation.

Complete flowers!

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