Monday, June 2, 2014

Project: Sponge Paint Gardens

Eamon's (2 y.o) Garden
This is a fun, easy project for any age. All kids love using sponges and fingers to paint. Young kids especially can benefit from the tactile nature of this project. The results are quite nice, even with the younger artists.

Gio's (5 y.o)Garden

Step One: Gather materials. You will need tempera or finger paints in red, yellow, purple, green, and red, a sponge cut in half, 2 pieces of blue construction paper, 2 pieces of white scrap paper, 2 ramekins, masking tape, and a paint brush

Step Two: Tape the white scrap paper to the blue construction paper, covering the top 1/4 of the paper. This will prevent them from painting on the "sky".

Step Three: Begin with 2 tones of green. I used green straight from the bottle and a greenish-yellow. When mixing colors always pour the light color first and then slowly add drops of the darker color. Mix the colors with a paint brush. 

 Step Four: Give the kids sponges and paint and tell them to press it on the paper. Gio was very excited about this part!

Encourage them to paint all over the paper rather than concentrating in the center of the paper. Gio, and most kids really, love to only work in the center. 

 Step Five: Allow painting to dry

Step Six: Mix a lavender and a pink for painting flowers. Of course, choose any flower colors that are favorites. Any bright colors would work well.

Step Seven:  Let kids dip their fingers and make "flowers" in their garden.

I tried to get them to just use their finger tips, but it's almost impossible.

I took their paintings away early, but they wanted to continue, so I let them paint on their scrap paper. I highly advise doing this! Finger painting is too fun!

 Step Eight: After the flowers have dried, cover the garden with the scrap paper and pour a bit of white paint for painting clouds. 

I had them use their fingers, but they can also use paint brushes. Sponges would mirror the texture of the garden and look too similar and not as interesting. 

Happy boys with their paintings!

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