Thursday, October 3, 2013

Living in A Girl Reading a Letter.....

Living in A Girl Reading a Letter.....

Cream pitcher / West Elm gold flatware / Elegant Gold, Silver Wood Chess Set

The rooms Vermeer created were so detailed and so natural, it wasn't too difficult to find modern items to emulate the look. Many of his paintings feature a red woven rug like the one here. In The Girl Reading a Letter By an Open Window, the rug is on a table with a bowl of fruit on top. I like that he brought the rug up off the floor to add some red to the bottom of the painting. Without it, the red curtain would look out of place.

The chess board is a reminder of the checkerboard floors he has in many of his paintings. He often set up his paintings in the same room, with a checkered floor and the same iron window. Look through these paintings and see for yourself how often he used the same light, the same room, and many of the same objects.

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