Thursday, May 22, 2014

Project: Watercolor Birch Trees

This is a simple, fun, and easy project with nice results, even with toddlers. Good masking is key. Just watch out for "mud" that ugly brown that so many kids like to make when mixing all of the colors together.

Step One: Gather materials. You will need masking tape, a watercolor palette (any crayola type kids set is fine), watercolor paper, and a watercolor brush (a soft hair brush).

Step Two: Tape the watercolor paper to the table. Try to make straight borders.

Step Three: Take a length of tape longer than the paper and tear it in half length-wise. You want to create a ragged edge.

Step Four: Apply tape to paper with ragged edge on the outside. Layer the straight edge of each other. Then let them paint with abandon.

Step Five: Let the painting dry naturally or use a hair dryer.

Step Six: Peel the tape off and draw lines and dots all over the trees.

Gio and Eamon always enjoying a moment in front of the camera.

Gio's final Birch Tree Painting

Eamon's final Birch Tree Painting

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