Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Travelling in O'Keeffe's It was Pink and Yellow

If Georgia O'Keeffe's painting It was Pink and Yellow were a place, it would be.......

Jaipur, India!

The Pink City. It's true, Jaipur is surprisingly pink. The color was chosen to emulate sandstone buildings of Mughal cities. Since 1876, when the Prince of Wales visited, the buildings have been painted a darker pinkish-red. It's a beautiful place full of unusual architecture and the gorgeous Amer fort.

We visited in the heat of July, but even so, it was magical. Visiting India is a life changing experience. The strong spirituality, the beautiful colors, the strong scent of spices, it's incredible.

The pinks and golds in Georgia O'Keeffe's painting It was Pink and Yellow remind me so much of Jaipur. Her painting looks hot, just like Summer in Jaipur. Though India lacks the serenity of the Southwest, Rajasthan holds similarly beautiful landscapes and colors.

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