Thursday, February 13, 2014

Living in O'Keeffe's It was Yellow and Pink

Living in O'Keeffe's It was Yellow and Pink

Drum shade lighting / Hand woven rug / Zara Home jacquard blanket / Mitchell Gold Bob Williams burl bowl / Fragrance candle, $165 / Plain mirror, $96 / Stray Dog Designs hand crafted furniture

I couldn't help but go more with the India theme on this one. Rajasthan is such a culturally rich place with heavy aesthetics. I had to go with it. O'Keeffe's painting could have been influenced by India if O'Keeffe had gone there herself. I like to imagine what would have happened in her work if she had. She was very influenced by her surroundings. If she did travel there India, I think she would have been bombarded and possibly overcome.

Though the painting It was Yellow and Pink is abstract and simple, it has a richness that is very Indian. I see all of these items in a small sitting room. The colors are a bit overwhelming, but, like the painting, they work nicely together.

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