Friday, December 13, 2013

Children Recreating Robert Ryman's Untitled 1961

The boys with their Ryman paintings
This is a great project for particularly little people. It's all about creating different textures and experimenting. Eamon (2) really liked it and Gio (4) loved the experimenting part. It was hard to get them to stop!

Step 1: Get some white paint, q-tips or small paint brushes, and some type of colored paper. The paper must be colored so the white paint has some contrast. Q-tips are fun for the kids to use because they're different. Any chance they can use tools or materials in a different way is exciting for them!

Step 2: Pour some paint on their paper. Since my kids are so young, I try to control the amount of paint used and where it's used by pouring paint directly on the paper. For older kids, just pour some in a small cup.

Step 3: Stirring the paint around and experimenting with textures.

Step 4: Encourage experimentation. Gio came up with the idea of scratching through the paint. It makes a nice effect so I asked him to keep going and think about how he can make the paint look different in different parts of his painting.

 They each have echos of Robert Ryman with some different textures and prints. Eamon enjoyed making handprints. 

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