Friday, September 27, 2013

Interpretations of El Greco's View of Toledo

Starry Sky, watercolor, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 I've always loved dark skies and light colored landscapes. Since the sky is normally lighter than the landscape, it's appealing to see the opposite. Could that be why we like the look of stormy skies so much?

Dark Desert Sky, graphite and colored pencil, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 The two above were also partially inspired by a great Georgia O'Keeffe painting. I took her technique.

Umbrella Tree, watercolor, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 This tree is right down the street from me and it really does look like this. the colors really do blend from yellow to red. The strong contrast reminds me of the View of Toledo.

Big Sky, watercolor, copyright 2013

Gio's Story Sky, tempera and crayon, copyright Nina Leung 2013
 The boys did their own version of a stormy sky. They first did some finger painting. I gave them one color at a time and let them go crazy. They loved it!

The next day, they received a piece of green paper to cut in half. Eamon needed a little help as he's not yet 2. Then they colored it with some brown and black crayons and then glued it to their stormy sky. They were pleased with the results.

Eamon's Stormy Sky, tempera and crayon, copyright Nina Leung 2013

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