Friday, August 30, 2013

Travelling with the Figures of the Cyclades

If the Cyclades Figures were a place, it would be............

Naxos, Greece!

 Isn't it beautiful here? I love the stark colors, white, blue, brown, touches of green. There's so much contrast and the bright, summery light even translates on film.

Can't you just see Ariadne wandering the island after her abandonment from Theseus?

One thing that surprised me when we traveled there was how much the landscape looked like the American west, Colorado in particular. It's mountainous and dry with scrubby plants. I liken it to Colorado with an ocean.

These white washed buildings could only be found in Greece. We actually saw residents applying the white wash while we were there. So amazing to see these old traditions carried on. The white wash helps keep the old buildings cool by reflecting the light. They're even cool to the touch.

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