Monday, March 20, 2017

Bacterial Evolution

Evolving Bacteria #1, watercolor on paper, 19" x 19" copyright Nina Leung, 2017
 I'm still working! The crystal caves in Mexico are my muse right now. It's too much fun imagining what all of those strange new micro-organisms look like. They've had to evolve in order to live in such a strange environment and that new thought has inspired some new shapes and forms. There's more.....

Evolving Bacteria #2, watercolor on paper, 19" x 19"copyright Nina Leung, 2017
  It's great getting back to watercolor, it's very natural to this subject because of all the imagined mixtures going on at the micro level. I don't know if they're actually mixing or if they have, but I love to imagine they did. All of those strange colors and shapes melding together to make something new.

  I've never used this paper before, and now I'm in love. It's so strange, it's like watercolor paper and canvas all in one. It absorbs the paint, but it takes much longer than watercolor paper so there's more time to work. The texture is gorgeous, like canvas, so strange to see in a paper. I've had it for years, fearful of using it because I have only a limited number of sheets. I bought it in India, in New Delhi, and I don't know how to get more. I guess I'll have to go back and go on a search!

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