Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Travelling with View of Toledo

Okay, this is an easy one. If View of Toledo were a place, it would be.......surprise, surprise, Toledo!

View of the Toledo from the bridge. 

Toledo feels like a very religious city. There are churches and monasteries, spires, and heavenly paintings and murals covering the hill. It's easy to imagine robed monks walking from church to garden to monastery. It's easy to see how El Greco was so inspired and why he stayed in this beautiful city for so long. It really is stunning.

Just as in View of Toledo, there is a river surrounding the city and this bridge is depicted on the left of the picture frame, near the center.

This is a close up of the main church, Saint Mary of Toledo. This is the spire in the painting.

There are a few keyhole views like this when in the city itself. Each view is equally beautiful, but this one with the arched doorway definitely shows some Moorish influence.

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