Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Travelling in Chagall's Flowers

If Marc Chagall's Flowers were a place it would be.........

the Latvian countryside!

These photos are from the countryside outside Riga, Latvia. The house is Rundale Palace, a baroque palace built in the 1700s. I like to imagine any of the Dukes of Courland and family picnicking on the grounds.

Would you believe these are the stables for the palace? The color of the building next to the green lawn and trees is really pretty.

The "moat" around the palace.

This is a shot of our walk up to Turaida, a castle/ village near Sigulda. The walk alone was so beautiful. We were there in the Summer, so there were many flowers still in bloom and weather was temperate. Summer is a very nice time to visit Latvia.

Here is an early view of the castle as we were heading towards it. Doesn't it look right out of a fairy tale?

The old castle is a museum now that has great exhibits of how people lived and how they guarded the castle. In the photo above, we're on top of a tower looking down on the landscape.

This verdant scene with the picturesque church feels very Chagall to me. He was a religious man and actually did many paintings based on the bible. The paintings are pretty incredible. 

Gio in front of the new Sigulda castle. A perfect end to a Chagall-inspired reverie.

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